Free Minecraft Gift Codes

We have two great methods for you to get free minecraft gift codes. ALL other sites out there are scams, but we’ll show you the real trick to getting this addictive game. Here is method 1 (recommended method):

Nothing in life is really free. To get your codes, you’ll have to offer something in return – trust me on this, all other sites are scams if they say they’re giving you things for free. To do method 1, just sign up Here - No credit card or bank details required. Confirm your email address then start filling out surveys. This is one of the legit sites out there that actually give away free minecraft gift codes, and to back this up – check the chatbox and forums… there’s millions of users on this site. Method 2:

EDIT: Codes have been restocked and the link is back up!

Or you can enter our giveaway below (riskier because whoever downloads them first will get the codes):

We have hundreds of minecraft free gift codes and we’re giving out 3 codes every day! 


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Of course there’s a catch to this. We aren’t just going to give out thousands of dollars for free. Heck no-one would.


If any place claims that they have any sort of gift code generator then you can safely bet your house on it that it’s a scam. They’re probably trying to make you download a trojan or spyware… and guess what? People fall for it all the time it’s ridiculous. Even if such a generator exists (it doesn’t), the people behind it would get sued and everybody who downloaded it would have their accounts banned.

But if you want a legit way to get free minecraft gift codes, then you can download it from us. The catch is… you will have to complete a survey to download the codes. Yeah yeah complain all you want, but there’s no other way in the world where you will get free stuff on the internet. The survey is the only thing that funds us to run this free service. It also prevents bots from downloading the files and stealing the codes.

The survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete so you got almost nothing to lose. Download now by clicking below:

Free minecraft Codes


Make sure you enter REAL information when completing the surveys. Fake info will result in the survey not unlocking and you won’t be able to download the file. If you receive a code, make sure to say thanks in the comments and please share this on facebook or twitter – the more people who download, the more codes I’ll put up.